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                                                Buying Vintage, Antique Jewelry in NYC | Jewelry Repair NYC

Have you added a piece of Vintage Jewelry NYC to your accessories wardrobe? Or, maybe you have a jewelry lover in your life who'd relish a vintage gift to add to their collection. Keep these helpful tips in mind when you’re ferreting out vintage costume jewelry to purchase for yourself or a friend.


Don’t take the condition of a vintage jewelry item for granted. Sure, vintage jewelry from the Victorian era through the 1930s can have a very vintage look to it (meaning it doesn't look "new"). But there are times when you can find jewelry from the '40s, '50s, and '60s in like-new condition or very lightly worn. Even with older pieces, don’t settle for second best. Don’t pay top dollar in a fit of last-minute shopping desperation for a piece in poor condition.

Look for Quality

If you find a bargain piece of low-quality Antique jewelry NYC that’s kitschy and fun, and you absolutely love it, go ahead and purchase it. But overall, buying vintage costume jewelry of quality makes sense. Quality pieces will hold their value and wear better over time. Look for signs of quality such as substantial weight, smooth plating, and sparkling stones.

Consider Personality

If you're buying for yourself, consider the types of jewelry you feel comfortable wearing. Size, durability, color, and overall style will influence your purchases. For example, clear rhinestone brooches look fabulous on denim shirts and jackets so even the most casual dresser can enjoy a little glitz now and then, while colorful vintage brooches of all types complement business attire. When buying gifts, it doesn’t make sense to buy your 15-year-old niece a huge rhinestone brooch if you never see her wearing pins larger than the size of a quarter. And will your aunt who dresses boldly wearing flashy jewelry appreciate a pair of dainty rhinestone earrings? Not so much.

Add a Special Touch to Gifts

Ask the dealer you buy from to give you some background information on the piece you're purchasing. This can include the designer or manufacturer, age or era of the piece, distinguishing design characteristics or materials used in construction, and background. To someone who knows little about vintage jewelry these tidbits are priceless and make owning a piece even more meaningful.

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